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PowerPoint and the tips for an effective presentation

Genex Zanzberg says “Making a presentation is not difficult. But making an impressive presentation is as tough as a rock. Trainings on Microsoft power point presentations have helped millions of people in creating a strong and effective PowerPoint presentation”, he adds. According to Genex, if you are able to make an effective presentation, half of your job is already done.

Effectiveness of PowerPoint

What is the most common thing between a business meet, a presentation or a session? It is Microsoft PowerPoint. This is one application which has completely changed the way of conducting presentations in a seamless manner. It has given more options to the business community for presenting their ideas, views, products, etc in a better and more flattering way. A presentation is the best and the shortest way of presenting an idea or a product. But a presentation can become effective only when it is built up in the right way i.e. it should catch the essence of the whole theme. By a glimpse of the presentation, the audience should be able to get an idea about the whole story.

The commendable job by the PowerPoint team

By the dawn of 2012, the team of Power Point had a track of the statistics as well as the analytics to create an exhaustive list of the top ten posts in 2012 which has been put up about Microsoft PowerPoint. It will be of great use to those who use PowerPoint quite often.

The top 10 posts about Microsoft PowerPoint in 2012:

  • You must have definitely wished for converting some crucial data from an excel chart to a PowerPoint presentation. The MVP of Power Point Ellen Finkelstein suggests a step by step guide for transiting Excel charts to Power Point slides very easily and very fast.
  • The themes which you will find in the latest PowerPoint will give you a very fast and easy way for building a professional slide presentation which also depicts your personal style.
  • Make use of PowerPoint slides layouts for making memorable presentations. You can help your target audience for following the presentation and also remember the main bullets by distinctly making the main slides.
  •  Free training for learning to create the PowerPoint slides animations. You can add some visual effects to the presentation with the help of these tutorials which tell you how you can animate charts, text shapes, etc.
  •  Highlight an image within an image. The author of “The Speaking PowerPoint”, Bruce Gabrielle, has given a visual demo of the transitions in PowerPoint as well as the animistic effects for making a part of an image highlight while another part is being made to fade in the background.
  • Crop the irregular and uneven images. The second part of the video demonstration of Bruce Gabrielle on highlighting an image within another image
  • PowerPoint 2013-an eyedropper. One of the most effective features of the PowerPoint is that now it is possible to match the colors in the presentations and even across the formats like a website, picture, etc.
  • Guy Kawasaki guide for pitching the venture capitalist. The famous guest blog writer Guy Kawasaki has teamed up with an Office Web App team for giving out a step by step guide for building the case for business and also a perfect pitch PowerPoint.
  • Webinar-better presentations. How to present in PowerPoint including the use of the section of Notes by using the Presenter’s View, tricks to present the presentation in a Conference hall and much more.
  • Webinar-the PowerPoint tips. How to start building a PowerPoint presentation quickly, organizing the slides at a glance, working on the Outline Tab and much more.
  • The team of PowerPoint has done a wonderful job in compiling the above mentioned posts in a single list.

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