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What Are Air Compressors?

Air compressors are products which enable us to store a large amount of air within them. They increase the amount of air by compressing it, which means that more air can fit into a smaller area. Air compressors are able to convert power into kinetic energy and this is useful for a number of applications.

Why Compress Air?

Compressing air is useful for a number of different functions. Air compressors are most often used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, where they are used to power pneumatic drills and other pieces of heavy machinery. They can be used for lots of other stuff too, including, in the office, where they can be used to clean keyboards and even in the motor racing world where they are used to power pneumatic screwdrivers. In fact, you can buy compressed air in just about any hardware store now, so it is obviously in use in many homes, for a number of reasons.

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Types of Air Compressor:

Below are some of the most commonly used type of air compressor:

Piston Compressor

Piston compressors are very common air compressors which feature positive displacement units. This means that they can power extremely heavy machinery or something much lighter, like a stapler, with ease. These compressors are filled with air, which is then reduced in volume to create a compression. This releases energy which powers the machine it is attached to.

Centrifugal Compressors

These are high speed air compressors which use a system of fast spinning impellers to accelerate the air. It then diffuses the air and this creates high velocity which, in turn increases the air pressure.


Rotary Screw Compressor

A rotary screw compressor works by filling a vacuum between two mated screws and their case with air. When you turn the screws, the air pressure is increased and you get the pressure you require to complete the job.


Most air compressors require a number of accessories if they are to be used correctly and safely. By using the right accessories, it is possible to greatly extend the life of an air compressor and help it to recover more quickly. As a minimum, you should be looking to buy air and water coolers, a system controller and a compressor air filter, but there are many more accessories which can be of great use when using an air compressor. Good air compressor retailers can advise you on the best accessories for the model you are buying and it is advised you should make use of them.

Buying Air Compressors

If you are simply looking for a small air compressor to power a pneumatic screwdriver, or to clean your laptop keys, then you can simply visit your local hardware store, who will probably stock small scale air compressors.

If, on the other hand, you need a large scale air compressor, it is advisable that you buy from industry experts, like, to ensure that you get the right information on quality products. Air compressors can be dangerous, so you need to be certain you are buying a quality product which is suitable for your needs.

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