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4 Main Areas Of Application Of Dedicated And Cloud Servers

70Many companies are now implementing the services of dedicated and cloud servers into their systems from great service providers such as However, many are yet to utilize the full potential of this new and exciting technology. Granted, there are numerous uses of remote servers, but you must be able to choose the right ones to benefits from this technology. Of course, the rights will depend on your specific needs. If you have no clue on what your particular needs are, you can always use your server for the following applications:


Email server

In basic terms, email servers enable you to manage emails, allowing you to control how to receive, send and distribute emails to users. It is true there are plenty of free email services out there you can use. Nevertheless, it will be much more professional for you to use an email with your actual domain. Another great advantage of sing email servers is that they allow you determine how much storage space you need and how you can send large emails.


In short, this distributed computing program that operates all over the globe, which results to among the most powerful and largest processing networks on the globe. This project runs large-scale simulations on the protein folds, with the aim of curing various medical conditions including ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and many forms of cancer. You are now wondering how dedicated servers come in. Well, the CPU’s of your server hardly ever operate at high load so it appears wasteful to have all the extra CPU power, in case you experience a surge in your users. Folding@Homeis smart since it will never allow your load average to go beyond 1.0. If you ever experience a surge in users, the program will throttle automatically its CPU use so that the shift does not affect your other users.

VPN Servers

In full, VPN means Virtual Private Network, and its main function is to make a secure connection over a public network such as the internet while tunneling all your traffic through that connection. It is similar to connect your PC into a private network from anywhere through a secure connection. If you wish to hide your network traffic or use your network resources such as file servers and email servers securely, then use VPN.

IRC Servers

In the most basic function, IRC are chat room servers. Virtually any chat room you have ever used is connecting to an IRC server. Today, they have evolved into more than just simple chat rooms. You can use them for encryption, file transfer, proxy, channels, color, users and chat bots. The main advantage of IRC over MSN or Facebook Messenger is that t allows you to integrate chat rooms into your web page.

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