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SEO Career and Recession


A lot of people chose the SEO career over other business options because of the stability it provides in a long run. Even in hard times when a lot of industries can be seen fighting with recession, many SEO experts and professionals enjoy top financial positions and usually carry an optimistic view for the future.

It would be wrong to admit that the SEO industry does not experience any recession. However, in comparison to industries such as the real estate, newspaper, banking and automobile sector, SEO is much more financially secure.

What to expect from an SEO field during recession?

Most of the people who are already in to the SEO career are not very happy and content with the current situation and hence blame the latest recession period for the same. When a large fraction of your clients come from the recession hit or troubled sectors such as the financial services, real estate, cars etc., then you might get worried and whining about the recession. In such a situation if you are able to pay your bills then you should be happy. However, in case of financial losses try to seek out for new clients and customers from different industries.

Another deciding factor that really impacts your career as an SEO professional like the SEO expert in New York is your current position in the industry. Whether you work for a particular SEO company or are an independent web owner, your style of business really makes a visible difference. Remember, when you are an employee you are basically at a much more vulnerable position. However, your expectations for the job security are easily met when you are an independent web master or SEO owner. Although, mass layoffs are not usually that common for most of the SEO companies, but it is immune against the hired workers.

In addition to the above factors, your SEO career progress in times if recession also directly depends on the level of your skills and strategies. Always remember that the recession is certainly the most inappropriate time for novices to enter this profession. There are still people who shift to SEO so quickly as if it were some life belt. However, when you do not possess the right expertise or have adequate skills for the profession and expect huge as well as lucrative results out of it, then it inevitable yields constant disappointment and failure especially in the times of failure.

Why is SEO industry recession proof?

The SEO market is out of the most established markets and industries. It is no more a new service but is rather fully finished in itself than what it used to be a couple of years ago. Therefore, the present day SEO recessions can be neglected if they are not much bigger in scale. The SEO practice has today become a necessity for almost any business industry or company of any size. However, unlike the cars, hardware, business trips and entertainment, SEO expenses are not very big. Due to this reason, whenever any company makes cuts in the organizational budget, the search engine optimization expenses are usually among the areas which receive a very low or almost no cut.

Also, the SEO aids in providing great return on investment. As a general rule of thumb, the SEO expert in New York concluded that the ROI obtained from the investment made in the sector of search engine optimization is generally greater than the one obtained from any other kind of investment. The moment you stop the entire search engine optimization for your business web site or personal blog, the moment all the return money would stop coming in.

Author Bio:

Savit Perun is a self made web master who has been working as an SEO expert in New York for ten years. He also owns his own domain name company.

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