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Arrival of the game has proved to be quite a boon for the users. There countless riddle and puzzles to be solved by the children. It is an interesting brain exercise for the people including adults and kids.


  • If you want to stick a micro wave to the kangaroo’s forehead or want to solve a puzzle, it is important to use the physics engine on which the is based.
  • Game provides incredible freedom to the users because they can summon any tool in their command.
  • As an example, if the neighborhood cat has got stuck up in the tree, one can take ladder and climb to save it but it is a run of the mill option.
  • Exciting prospect would be to invoke the samurai sword that could cut the trees quickly and effectively.

Simplistic usage of adjectives:

  • Interesting usage of adjectives can astound you to a great extent.
  • To summon Zombie or T Rex, you can write interesting propositions and the object will materialize before you can expect.
  • There are innumerable combinations that could be created depending on the input of the users.

Different stages:

  • There are different levels of difficulty which you need to cross such as saving the cat from the tree.
  • Some crazy games are also available to the users which can satiate the creative appetite in an impeccable manner.
  • You can have a hearty laugh while playing the game because it is full of mysteries and suspense.
  • After clearing primary stages, you can slowly move over to the difficult levels that will test your mettle as a player.
  • You will definitely not be bored with and get lots of information in an amazing manner.

Some cheats:

  • It is a fun puzzle game that can be downloaded on the IOS and android mobile phones. There are more than 11 levels and each of them is quite difficult.
  • Hammer and shovel could be found on the game apart from the stars that could be collected at different levels of the game.
  • There are different cheat codes that could be used by the people to resolve the puzzle in an impeccable manner.
  • For the world 7-9, one has to take a pterodactyl for flying in the air while the guards give a chase. The strategy should be designed in such a manner so that guard is not looking at you.
  • While you are in the world 7-10, ensure to hire the services of the death to deal with the guerrilla. Afterwards use a pterosaur to fly and then take a jump after eyeing the starite.
  • At the world 8-9, flying can help you to complete this level to a great extent.  Different objects such as Pegasus and pterosaur will definitely help you to fly.
  • The game requires diligence and is a pure fun for the gamers. provides innumerable opportunities to the people for soaking in the enjoyment.

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