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Deus Ex: The Fall-iPhone Game for 2013 [Review]

The announcement of the Deus Ex: The Fall was a great surprise for the iDevice owners as touchscreen devices being able to take care of the deep FPS mechanics was doubtful. This game seems to be a backstage story of the previous offspring, the Human Revolution. The players acquire the character of Ben Saxon, the former Special Air Service agent.


Saxon, after absconding from the SAS, carries on investigationon the lessening of Neuropozyne while at the same time; he avoids the Tyrants. Run through various levels with guns or take a chance for a non-lethal stealthy gameplay. Dialogues can be used when Saxon talks with other characters of the game and for Zombie Games for iPhone.


Somewhere or the other, the Falllooks alike the Deus Ex game. Even if the overall interface is quite good, the controls are not so easy for superior gaming.You being a gamer, can double-tap or use the virtual dual-stick controls to move about in the game’s interface. However, the shooting is much awkward as you won’t be able to your enemy so easily.

Another embarrassing thing is the takedown for which you have to wait for a prompt to come up near the center of the display. This is not easy as you are on the go to sneak up on a moving player.


As discussed earlier, you are Ben Saxon and you are about to have a bargain and exchange withintrude gang,dishonest dealers and robot like drones.Not good like the Human Revolution, but developer N-Fusion has sincerely embedded acolour palette featuring dirty yellow coloralong with some environments to grant a fantastic look to the game.

You are facilitated to charge all your guns blazing into the hostile group-bangers and in order to survive, you need proper upgrade of the correct growth along with massive guns. You can take much time as there are no time limitations. Checkout your surroundings thoroughly and find out some security codes, shafts of ventilations, and many other ways to escape detection.


Like you had in the Deus Ex, the sneakypath is the most comfortable and has no hassles even if the gun nuts are supplied through the tooled-up shop. You can monitor your character and your weapon’s load by upgrading the growth.

In case you want to enhance your strength, you will have to shell out your upgrade points and with this; you can also increase your combat shielding. Also, you can shell out the resources that you have gathered to enhance your skills behind hacking and invisibility feature.

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However, this game is a good FPSs choice on the App Store. You would mostly prefer the dual stick system even if you have got the touch-to-travel system. The lack of a physical controller is felt when the sensitive buttons begin to pop throughout your screen.


The Fall has a gorgeously detailed world and environment along with violent as well as non-violent ways to reach goals. A bit of downside in the controls in manageable so iDevices owners can have a lot of fun. Download The Fall.


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