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Facebook Lends a Hand to Social Media Marketing

Facebook shares some wonderful news with those involved with social media marketing as the giant social network announces it will simplify its ads through a massive redesign of its advertising system.

The news is nothing but positive as far as social media marketing professionals are concerned. This will make it easier than ever for digital marketing pros to access and use the platform. The way the system is set up now is nothing short of confusing and overwhelming, especially those who are new to the field of social advertising. There are currently 27 different types of ads to pick from, making for quite a long and drawn out process.

“Over the past year, we have been gathering feedback from marketers about our ads products” said Fidji Simo, Facebook product manager for ads. “One point we heard loud and clear is that we need to simplify our product offering.”

Social medial marketing professionals are thrilled to hear their concerns and suggestions did not fall upon deaf ears. Facebook is expected to cut down its ad types to almost half of what it is now. The idea is to create a streamlined, fast, and simple process.

In the new system the firm that will be placing the ad will be asked a very important question by Facebook, which is what they hope to achieve with their ad. Do they want it to increase visitors to a website/store, do they want to increase their brand image, what is the reason behind the ad?

“Our vision is that over time, an advertiser can come to Facebook and tell us what they are trying to achieve, and our ads tools will automatically suggest the right combination of products to help them achieve it,” said Simo.

Facebook’s goal is to make the ads not only more streamlined and simple to place but also to make the ads appear a lot more consistent. It is discussing adding sponsored stories to its ad products as well. The reason behind this is to give the marketers more bang for their buck when it comes to their media budget.

The changes to the ad products are set to be in place by the end of 2013 as Facebook doesn’t want this to be a long process. It is expected that more than 13 of its “ad units” will be scrapped by the end of the year.

On the Facebook company blog post the following was posted by the giant “We want to have a more consistent visual display of our ads across all marketer objectives and Facebook placements. We noticed that many ad units accomplish the same goals, so we’re cutting out these redundancies. This includes removing the Questions product for Pages because marketers can simply ask a question in a post and get answers in comments.”

While it’s obviously too soon to tell if the changes will be positive one thing is for sure you’ll find plenty of digital marketers jumping for joy as Facebook’s redesign and move to simplify.

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