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7 Steps to Start a Killer Blog that Makes Money Online

If you like blogging you should consider about writing at your own blog. It is best to monetize your own stuff and earn something more than working on other sites and blogs. In fact, your online presence and regularity is best way to get some profits from your website. The profit becomes significantly big if you already have a website with some or huge traffic.

Here I am sharing with you 10 steps to start a killer blog that makes money online. These tips will surely help you to start earning from your blog.

1)      There is no ending of possibilities for bloggers. You can start blogging today. All you would need to do is to create a blog on one of the best free blogging websites like Blogger, hubpages and others.

2)      Choose a specific category. If your blog is based on single category otherwise mention the categories in your blogs that you are going to publish. Your blog should have attractive and relative name according to your chosen category so that it attracts more peoples. You can decorate or moderate your blog according to your need.

3)      If you have created a blog on hosting provider’s website than you would get freedom to install blogging scripts as your web blog. For example, wordpress etc. you would need to install it and then you should choose attractive and relative template for your website.

4)      The theme is very important because it is considered to be first basic step of your website that delivers great impression on peoples that are visiting your blog.

5)      You should then create your very first post. It should be filled with information and your article should be totally based on the title subject. You need to be regular while creating your content and posting it at your blog. Regular updates and posting would make it more impressive.

6)      Now when you have an attractive blog as your online presence, it is time to monetize your content. There are several ways of content monetization and it could be done according to your design and need. You can join the advertising networks that would pay for placing advertisements on the corner of your website. Most of the advertising networks grab blogging based websites because it is beneficial for both advertiser and publisher. Advertiser will get more linking and reference because the advertisements would be shown according to the blog and publishers would get more revenue and earnings from it.

7)      Additionally, you can join Affiliate advertising programs that would monetize your website traffic. Mostly the affiliate website pays more than advertising networks. They pay previously defined amount on each referral that would be referred by your web blog. There are so many affiliate networks and you can easily make money with them. All you would need to do is to pass thru the simple sign up and integration process and then you would start earning money with your website referrals. They offer different campaigns and you can add it in your blog as well.

Above all you may join the international blogging networks and communities for introduction of your skills and your blog. You will get known and more people visit your blog continuously. This helps in marketing your blog which helps to gain more and more profits from it.

Author bio: David is a blogging geek who loves blogging in his free time. He writes on his personal blog and also on various other communities and forums where he shares the useful tips on blogging and making money online. You may check more about him at his blog. According to Jask, Web Design Consultants David is the best employee at Jask Group.

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